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Foreclosure Alternatives, Media Lawyers

For months you have been struggling to meet your mortgage obligations, but now things are really starting to unravel. You are months behind in your mortgage payments. Your Delaware County lender keeps sending you warning letters, talking about the real possibility of foreclosure.

You don't want to lose your home in Havertown. But right now you can't bring your payments up-to-date either. So what do you do?

You call the foreclosure alternatives Media attorneys at The Law Office of Robert H. Holber, P.C.

Helping People Faced With Foreclosure For More Than 20 Years

For more than 20 years since being founded by attorney Robert H. Holber, our firm has helped many people like you save their homes. Since the beginning, our primary focus has been helping people out of their financial trouble, using the many legal means at our disposal.

We are different from other law firms with a similar practice because lawyer Robert H. Holber is also a bankruptcy trustee, giving him insight into the thinking of bankruptcy court professionals.

Ways To Escape Foreclosure

Just because you are behind in your mortgage payments right now does not mean that foreclosure is inevitable. There are many other possibilities available to you, such as:

  • Short sale
  • Loan modification
  • Bankruptcy
  • Deed in lieu of foreclosure
  • Sales to real estate agents

While there are options other than foreclosure available to you, not all of them will fit your individual situation. The only way to be sure which one is your best option is to speak to an experienced foreclosure alternative attorney at The Law Office of Robert H. Holber, P.C.

Fearing Foreclosure? Call Us. We Can Help.

If you fear you may be foreclosed upon, call The Law Office of Robert H. Holber, P.C., in Media, Pennsylvania. Our experienced attorneys can advise you on your best path out of foreclosure. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact us online or call us 610-572-3045.

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