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Media Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Individuals are not the only ones who experience financial hardship and need bankruptcy relief. Businesses and business owners do, too.

If you own a business in Havertown or in Delaware County and are financially struggling, talk to us. We are the Media Chapter 11 bankruptcy lawyers at The Law Office of Robert H. Holber, P.C.

How We Help Businesses

Since our founding more than 20 years ago, we have helped businesses remain profitable while they are reorganized under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. An added advantage we give our business clients is that we understand the other side of this equation, the bankruptcy court. Our founder, Robert H. Holber, also serves as a bankruptcy trustee.

What Is A Chapter 11?

Known as a business bankruptcy, Chapter 11 gives you temporary relief from creditors while you continue to run your business. During the time you are temporarily out from under your creditors, you reorganize your business, creating a plan to pay them back.

After you create that plan, both the majority of your creditors and the bankruptcy court have to approve it. Once that has happened, both you and your creditors are bound by that agreement.

Under a Chapter 11, you can:

  • Repay a portion of your obligations and discharge the rest
  • Terminate burdensome contracts and leases
  • Recover assets
  • Re-scale operations to return to profitability

If you think a Chapter 11 may be your answer, talk to one of the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at The Law Office of Robert H. Holber. Your initial consultation is free.

Is Your Business In Need Of Rescue? Call Us. We Can Help.

If you are financially struggling in your business, talk to us, the experienced bankruptcy attorneys at The Law Office of Robert H. Holber, P.C., in Media, Pennsylvania. Contact us online or call 610-572-3045.

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